Ben Cox
Seeing the world through a lens


Seeing the world through a lens

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About Me

I grew up in a town surrounded by lakes and rolling hills, constantly embraced by Gods true glory. I am a son who is in love with Jesus Christ and someone who wants to see some change. Another world is possible. All of my photographs and art work are inspired by God and the awakening of minds.

I am simply doing what I Love to do.

I decided to skip the mindless work of a fast food joint and do what I love to do, so I began my own Imaging company called,"LOUD & CLEAR images". I do a number of graphic design projects such as: business cards, ads, logos, web site design, posters and any FREELANCING that will help out local businesses.

Contact Info

Contact Info:
phone: 1-705-789-1156


If you are interested in purchasing any photograph, please contact me via email.

16x20 frame with black matte/
15 x 10 photograph $100.00

All prints are in limited edition of 35. (with signature, unique number and the photographs title).
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